Technical Support

If you have a technical question regarding the use or design of a cooling system, please email support and we would be happy to respond to your specific questions.  Its important to provide us with information regarding the coolant, application, and type of devices you are working with so that we can provide you with the most accurate and helpful information.


Safety Data Sheets

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  • AmpCool AC110 SDS
  • AmpCool AC120 SDS
  • AmpCool AC130 SDS
  • AmpCool AC140 SDS
  • AmpCool AC210 SDS
  • AmpCool AC220 SDS
  • AmpCool AC230 SDS
  • AmpCool AC240 SDS
  • BitCool BC-888 SDS
  • Dielectric Solvent DS-100 SDS
  • ElectroCool EC-100 SDS
  • ElectroCool EC-110 SDS
  • ElectroCool EC-120 SDS
  • ElectroCool EC-130 SDS
  • ElectroCool EC-140 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-110 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-130 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-140 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-210 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-230 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-240 SDS
  • VoltCool VC-300 SDS
  • VoltCool VC-310 SDS
  • VoltCool VC-320 SDS
  • VoltCool Additive VA-900 SDS
  • VoltCool Additive VA-950 SDS

Data Sheets

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  • SLIC Dry Coolers Technical Data Sheet
  • VoltCool Technical Data Sheet
  • ElectroCool Technical Data Sheet
  • AmpCool Technical Data Sheet AC-1XX
  • AmpCool Technical Data Sheet AC-2XX
  • BitCool Technical Data Sheet
  • SubmergeDeep Technical Data Sheet
  • DS-100 Dielectric Solvent Technical Data Sheet
  • VA-900 Technical Data Sheet
  • VA-950 Technical Data Sheet
  • Dry Cooler 125kW
  • Dry Cooler 175kW
  • Dry Cooler 325kW
  • Dry Cooler 500kW
  • Dry Cooler 675kW
  • Dry Cooler 1000kW
  • Dry Cooler 1500kW
  • PDU – 36 Port
  • PSU – SLIC Optimized 5.6kW
  • SLICDC – 12kW Compact
  • SLICTanks – 2 Miner Tank
  • SLICTanks – 8 Miner Tank
  • SLICTanks – Gen5 Tank

Research Papers

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  • Impact on Immersion Cooling with EC-100 on Reliability of PCBs
  • Microfluidic Cooling for 3D-IC with 3D Printing Package

White Papers

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  • White Paper Coolant Comparison
  • Applications for AmpCool Coolants in Electric Vehicles
  • Thermal Management of Li-Ion Batteries with Single-phase Liquid Immersion Cooling
  • Corrosive Sulfur in Mineral Oils Destroys Electronics
  • Mineral Oil, White Oil and Synthetic Dielectric Coolants
  • Cooling transformers more efficiently with VoltCool Dielectric Coolants