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Single-phase Liquid Immersion Cooling Solutions by Industry

Data Centers

Data Center and colocation operators face a serious challenge in how to keep their facilities relevant in the face of faster and hotter compute platforms....
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Electric Vehicles

Engineered Fluids’ AmpCool Dielectric Coolants with optional Lubrication solve the high-performance cooling, insulation, and lubrication challenges posed by today’s high powered electric vehicle, aircraft, and marine propulsion systems, and the accompanying power storage and motor controller technologies...
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Crypto & Blockchain

Once you determine which coin to mine, there are only three factors that impact your ability to make a profit in cryptocurrency mining. While you cannot control the exchange rates, you must be hyper-focused on your hashrates and your power usage, if not you are literally allowing your potential profitably…
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Subsea Applications

SubmergeDeep® is an innovative biodegradable, non-toxic alternative to hydraulic oils capable of withstanding the extreme pressures and temperature conditions encountered during deep-sea operations...
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Electrical Transformers

Engineered Fluids' Synthetic VoltCool Insulating Fluids - varieties available for low ambient temperatures down to -65C and for high temp K-class fire resistant transformers.   Engineered Fluids' products for transformer service include easy-to-mix Antioxidants and Sulfur Treatments which allow transformer maintenance and service professionals to save money and time.  Dielectric Solvent…
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