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Engineered Fluids’ AmpCool Dielectric Coolants with optional Lubrication solve the high-performance cooling, insulation, and lubrication challenges posed by today’s high powered electric vehicle, aircraft, and marine propulsion systems, along with the accompanying power storage and motor controller technologies.

Unlike other products, AmpCool has been specifically formulated to allow evehicle engineers to use a single fluid to fulfill the multiple roles of coolant, lubricant, and hydraulic fluid within the system.  This multi-role flexibility reduces cost and complexity in all systems, while reducing supply chain challenges through SKU reduction.  With a 25 year shelf-life and a 10 year operating life, AmpCool dramatically reduces ongoing maintenance costs in all environments.

  • Compatible with all materials commonly used in electric motors, hydraulic systems, and with all battery chemistries
  • Full immersion cooling of battery cells eliminates heavy and complex heat spreaders and water coolant containment housings
  • Provides increased flexibility in battery cell placement
  • Radically reduce weight and cost
  • Dramatically increased thermal conductivity at the tab and cell level
  • AmpCool’s density is 80% of water providing additional weight savings, resulting in extended vehicle range
  • Better overall cell performance and faster charging times
  • AmpCool provides significant benefits across the board
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Safety Data Sheets

  • AmpCool AC-110 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - AmpCool AC110 SDS
  • AmpCool AC-120 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - AmpCool AC120 SDS
  • AmpCool AC-130 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - AmpCool AC130 SDS
  • AmpCool AC-140 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - AmpCool AC140 SDS
  • AmpCool AC-210 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - AmpCool AC210 SDS
  • AmpCool AC-220 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - AmpCool AC220 SDS
  • AmpCool AC-230 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - AmpCool AC230 SDS
  • AmpCool AC-240 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - AmpCool AC240 SDS


What is the PH level of AmpCool?

Our Dielectric Coolants have no PH Level. PH can only be determined for ionic solutions, in our case our products are completely non-ionic.

How does your product compare to 3M Novec?

For a comparison of ElectroCool and 3M’s Fluorinert please see:

Comparison of ElectroCool

For a full article on the impacts of PFAs please see:…

For the full US Gov’t’s Environmental Impact Report on PFAs and specifically 3M’s Novec and Fluorinert please see:

Environmental Impacts of PFAs such as Novec, Fluorinert and Galden:

PFAS, or Poly-Fluorinated Alkyl Substances.are general class of chemicals and intermediate materials used to make non-flammable dielectric fluids like Solvay Corporation’s Galden® fluids as well as 3M’s Novec® and Fluorinert® fluids. All of these chemicals are classified as PFAS.

As with PCB compounds, fluorinated compounds do not break down easily in the environment, and can persist for hundreds of years. As with PCBs, PFAs are contaminating water sources and are accumulating in the environment. And, like PCBs, PFAs are linked to a host of endocrine and metabolic problems in humans. According to European scientists, these are the affects of PFAs on the human body:

Anatomical diagram showing how harmful fumes and oils released into the environment if not using single phase liquid immersion cooling can effect the human body.

Current and Upcoming Regulation

Environmental scientists are sounding the alarm on these fluorinated chemicals. The Union of Concerned Scientists have called upon US regulators to “regulate and clean up this toxic threat” (3) In 2015 and again in 2018, hundreds of scientists wrote Open Letters advising lawmakers to recognize the threat posed by PFAs accumulation (4). And this attention is having the desired effect – US Lawmakers have introduced legislation calling for the phase-out of PFAs and the use of safer alternatives in popular applications such as fire-fighting and electrical insulation.

Weight: The weight of 3M’s Novec fluoridated fluids is significantly higher than ElectroCool or AmpCool (1.6 g/cc Novec vs 0.80 g/cc for AmpCool). Novec’s additional mass/weight is a huge disadvantage in aeronautical or electric vehicle applications, where the added weight effectively reduces the power and range, as well as greatly influencing weight and balance.

Toxicity: ElectroCool and AmpCool Dielectric Coolants are biodegradable, non-toxic and classified as Food Grade by the US National Science Foundation. All of our Dielectric Coolants have very low vapor pressures so there is no vapor generated during operation and no evaporation, making them well suited for open and sealed system operations. Both AmpCool and ElectroCool have a “0” Global Warming Potential. Compare this with the toxicity of halogenated solvents, like Novec. Novec fluid and its vapors are toxic, non-biodegradable and has a high Global Warming Potential between 5000 to over 9,000 depending on which Novec product is measured.

Cost: The cost of ElectroCool or AmpCool is <15% of the cost of 3M’s Novec Fluids. Be sure to keep the lid on your Novec or you’ll be losing 1,000’s dollars an hour in evaporation.

What happens the device is overheated? If there is a thermal runaway or over-temperature event with a semiconductor or battery, a two-phase fluid or a low boiling point fluid as Novec will vaporize and either boil away or create a high pressure situation which the system which must then be vented to prevent explosion. When this happens, then the device is left fully unprotected, as all of the coolant has boiled away. ElectroCool and AmpCool o not boil, and in an over-temperature situation, our Dielectric Fluids will continue to absorb heat and protect the other cells of the battery.

What materials can and cannot come in contact with AMPCOOL AC-100?

Please see our extensive online Materials Compatibility Guide for information regarding over 900+ tested and certified materials.

If there is a specific material you cannot find, please contact us at and we can assist you in determining compatibility based on material composition or lab testing.


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We want to change the way the world cools all electronic devices and help our planet at the same time! We believe that we can reduce the energy demands and increase the performance of any electrical device that generates waste heat (which is all of them!).

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