Our Approach

At Engineered Fluids, Inc., we recognize that climate change and resource scarcity are our society’s greatest challenges. As a global technology company, we are fully committed to minimizing our operational impact on the environment when and wherever possible.

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Through application of Engineered Fluid’s Single-phase Liquid Immersion technology, our customers dramatically reduce both water and power used in their operations.  For example, our products enable data center customers to take advantage of energy sources that are otherwise wasted and to reuse energy multiple times before it is released into the environment.  Our Battery Thermal Management technology allows wider application of solar and wind energy sources by matching production capacity with energy demand.

We also understand that our operations and manufacturing activities have a direct impact on the environment. Our environmental management activities are focused on reducing this impact by:

  • Minimizing waste and disposed material resulting from office and product production activities.
  • Choosing packaging materials that can be recycled and reused.
  • Minimizing business travel and choosing transportation methods that minimize carbon use
  • Minimize energy use in both manufacturing and operational activities

Engineered Fluids works with Non-Governmental Organizations such as the Green Business Bureau to promote environmentally sustainable initiatives throughout our company.

Our Environmental Policy

Engineered Fluids, Inc. commits itself to comply with all relevant legislation and requirements in the countries in which we operate.  Going further, we will minimize our impact on the environment by:

  • Offering our customers 100% zero waste recycling for used fluids.
  • Continually improving our systems that have direct environmental impacts, reducing our use of natural resources and preventing waste.
  • Integrating environmental considerations into our business decisions.  We will design our products and our processes in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment. 
  • Continuing to lead the industries that we serve to reuse energy when possible, and to lower their use of natural resources.
  • Communicating proactively and openly about our environmental commitments and performance. 
  • Engaging with industry groups and non-governmental organizations in order to contribute positively and proactively to environmental sustainability in business.
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