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High Voltage Transformer & Distribution

Engineered Fluids manufactures VoltCool products for the transformer industry.

VoltCool Synthetic Insulating Fluids

Engineered Fluids’ Synthetic VoltCool Insulating Fluids – varieties available for low ambient temperatures down to -65C and for high temp K-class fire resistant transformers.  

Cool your power supply with SLIC and use voltcool dielectric coolant

VoltCool Additives for Transformer Service

Engineered Fluids’ products for transformer service include easy-to-mix Antioxidants and Sulfur Treatments which allow transformer maintenance and service professionals to save money and time.  Dielectric Solvent DS-100 cleans elecrical components safely and quickly!


​VoltCool Additives are safe, proven and effective ways to solve problems and lengthen the service life of transformers.

How VoltCool Additives® Can Benefit You

Using Engineered Fluids’ VoltCool products is a safe, economical way to perform routine transformer service.  Whether it’s low antioxidant levels in a transformer, sulfur contamination problems in oil or a need to clean bushings, busbars or other components with our DS-100 Dielectric Solvent, VoltCool Additives are designed with you in mind!

More About VoltCool Additives