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Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling for Cryptocurrency & BlockChain
Single-phase liquid immersion cooling in action, using Engineered Fluids' dielectric coolant to cool immersed servers to add reliability and sustainability to data center electronics

Making a Profit

Once you determine which coin to mine, there are only three factors that impact your ability to make a profit in cryptocurrency mining.

While you cannot control the exchange rates, you must be hyper-focused on your hashrates and your power usage, if not you are literally allowing your potential profitably to blow away in wind (or should we say fan noise)! Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling (SLIC) is the most cost effective way to get the maximum hashrate from any ASIC or GPU based miner.  By immersing your mining hardware in our specially formulated BitCool BC-888 Dielectric Coolant you have the ability to dramatically reduce your overall power costs and dramatically increase your hashrates.This has been proven for electronics and circuit boards through HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening).

SLIC is so efficient because our purpose engineered BitCool Dielectric Coolant has more than 1,600x the heat density of air, by immersing your miners in BC-888 Dielectric Coolant you can eliminate all the air handling units, barn fans, A/C units, even the fans on the miners themselves (and by the way all those fans can consume up 35% of all the energy you are buying!).

In addition, because BitCool BC-888 is so efficient at removing heat you can safely overclock your miner’s hashrate without endangering your expensive equipment.  This is critical because if you are going to overclock you must keep your equipment within its safe operational temperature range or you risk catastrophic heat related failures.

One the best features of SLIC is of course the noise, or rather the lack of noise!  When you eliminate all those fans, you instantly cut fan noise to zero, we guarantee your family, friends and neighbors will really appreciate the new silence, and so will you!

How to use SLIC for Cryptocurrency Mining

Engineered Fluids works with many large industrial miners and home hobbyists on their SLIC systems for bit mining.  Everyone starts out with the same questions so we have gathered them here to help you get the facts of how it works and what you need to consider when deciding to move to liquid immersion cooling.

How is it possible to immerse my miners, GPUs, and electronics in a fluid and not destroy them?

So you most certainly would never want to immerse your electrical equipment in water that is for sure!  So rest assured our special purpose coolants are not water based!  In fact our coolants are actually fully synthetic compounds composed of up to 60 different elements that are blended together under very strict heat and pressure conditions in a specially designed reactor unit to create our specialty engineered heat transfer fluids. This means that a substance is non-conducting of electricity, and the amount of electricity that a substance can insulate against is called its dielectric strength.

The breakdown strength, or insulating capacity of our coolants is typically well over 60kV measured over a 2mm gap!  Now the highest voltages that your miners and equipment will require will be less than 280VAC.

This means that our ElectroCool Dielectric Coolant is such a great insulator that you can put your hands in our coolants along with the operating electronics (just don’t touch the conductors of course!) without fear of being electrocuted.  (Still don’t believe us?  Then check out this video and watch our President, Gary Testa demonstrate this live!)

Single-phase liquid immersion cooling in action, using Engineered Fluids' dielectric coolant to cool immersed servers to add reliability and sustainability to data center electronics
Engineered Fluids SLIC Tank
Single-phase liquid immersion cooling in action, using Engineered Fluids' dielectric coolant to cool immersed servers to add reliability and sustainability to data center electronics
SLIC applications for ASSIC-based miners and similar blockchain devices

What equipment do I need to have to use SLIC with my miners?

Dielectric Coolant – Engineered Fluids BitCool BC-888 is specifically engineered for use with ASIC Bit Mining devices.  If you are going to use generalized compute or GPUs then you must use ElectoCool.

Immersion Tanks – Most crypto mines employing SLIC use an open bath tank to house their miners.  These tanks very in size from holding 2 miners, 4 miners, and over 40 miners in size.  The miners are typically placed in single rows across the tank, we do not recommend stacking miners in tanks as their thermal loads are very high.  The tanks are made from steel, stainless steel, special nylons, aluminum, or lucite, and filled with BC-888 Dielectric Coolant.  The tank must be deep enough to fully immerse your miners in the tank with at least a 2cm covering of Coolant.  The miners should be placed in the tank so that there is at least a 1cm clearance around them to allow for coolant flow around the outside of the miner.  The fans are removed to save power.  (You can also leave the fans attached and running as BC-888 will not damage the fans, unfortunately they will just spin quietly along and burn electricity which is not something we recommend). The BC-888 Dielectric Coolant should be pumped in along the bottom of the tank and removed from the top of the tank to take advantage of the natural convection.

Pumps – You can use most standard centrifugal pumps that have Viton seals in them to circulate the Dielectric Coolant.  Many pumps made of Rylon and similar nylons are also good options.  You want to size the pump within its ideal operational zone using the pump curve that vendors provide that show the amount of energy a pump requires to move a calculated volume of fluid.

Piping – We recommend using Chlorinated PVC (CPVC), copper or steel pipe for use with our Dielectric Coolants.  We do not recommend using regular (“white”) PVC pipe or vinyl hoses with our products, these materials have plasticizers in them which will leach into your Dielectric Coolant thus making the PVC and vinyl extremely brittle and subject to cracking and failure after a few months.

Heat Rejection – We recommend the use of Dry Coolers for most applications to cool the heat coolant.  Dry coolers come in many sizes from 2kW all the way up to 1,500kW.  A dry cooler is a large radiator in which the heated coolant is pumped through to dissipate the heat into the surrounding air.  Most dry coolers will also have one or more fan’s mounted on them to ensure proper air flow through the radiators.  The size and type of dry cooler you will need is determined by the size of the heat load you are rejecting (the number of miners x their power usage), your physical location (average temperatures and humidity, etc.), and the vertical difference between the dry coolers and your mining tanks.

That sounds too complicated for me!
Not when you work with Engineered Fluids.

We have a lot of experience and resources that we will be adding to our website to help miners like you get their SLIC systems fully implemented.   We have thermal engineers that can work with you to do thermal calculations, we have tank supply partners, and we can direct you on where to find the appropriate heat exchangers and pumps.  Anyone can build a SLIC system, and we are here to help you.   We’ve assisted miners that have 1,000’s of miners to hobbyist with only 6 devices.   All of them benefit from using Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling for their miners.

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