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Subsea Applications

Meet the requirements needed in ROVs for pressure compensation, electrical insulation, thermal management, and hydraulic power transfer.

A Revolution in Undersea Exploration

SubmergeDeep® is an innovative biodegradable, non-toxic alternative to hydraulic oils capable of withstanding the extreme pressures and temperature conditions encountered during deep-sea operations. SubmergeDeep® provides superior power transmission, lubrication, dielectric strength for efficient electronics cooling. These attributes combine to make SubmergeDeep® the perfect choice for replacing toxic hydraulic oils commonly used in deep-diving submersibles and other underwater vehicles that operate at extreme depths.

The SubmergeDeep® family of products includes both SD-110 and SD-210. SD-100 is targeted for applications which require pressure compensation, environmental protection, and dielectric isolation and cooling of electronics. SD-200 adds high lubricity for use in hydraulic power transmission systems providing outstanding wear protection, corrosion resistance, and high thermal stability.

In addition to its outstanding performance, SubmergeDeep® is fully synthetic, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic, making it safe for use in sensitive marine environments and in direct contact and handling by maintenance, crew and operators.

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