Miner Compatibility Guide

Engineered Fluids’ BitCool & ElectroCool Dielectric Coolants Cryptocurrency Device Compatibility Guide

BitCool and ElectroCool Dielectric Coolants have been tested for use with the following crypto mining devices.  If you do not see a particular miner on this list, please contact Support at support@engineeredfluids.com and we will be happy to prioritize your device for compatibility testing.  We prioritize device compatibility testing based on the number of outstanding customer requests for a particular device.

Please note that crypto device manufactures often change components within their devices without notification, Engineered Fluids does our best to continue to test devices on an ongoing basis both in house and with our customers, however we cannot be responsible for incompatibilities that may occur after completion of our testing.  This guide is published to assist users in determining which devices have been tested and found compatible at the time of the testing, but we always recommend our customers monitor their devices on an ongoing basis.

Cryptocurrency Device Compatibility

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