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Introducing Engineered Fluids’ game-changing SubmergeDeep™ Pressure Compensation Fluids. Engineered to conquer the toughest undersea challenges, SubmergeDeep offers unmatched performance in high-pressure and high-heat environments, delivering exceptional protection, water displacement, power transfer, electrical insulation, and lubrication at any depth.

This innovative technology is revolutionizing subsea exploration, making it more accessible than ever before. With SubmergeDeep, the deepest and most challenging underwater environments can be explored with confidence and ease.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one fluid that can withstand the extreme demands of subsea operations, SubmergeDeep is the solution you need. Trust us to provide you with the best fluid for your underwater exploration needs.

Effectively solve the critical challenges of going deep and staying safe.

  • Ensures and warranties material compatibility with immersed components
  • Ensures the operational health & safety of personnel
  • 98% biodegradable
  • Non-toxic, non-halogenated
  • 100% ozone safe
  • No toxic waste or vapors
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Safety Data Sheets

  • SubmergeDeep SD-220 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - Download
  • SubmergeDeep SD-120 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - Download
  • SubmergeDeep SD-110 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - SubmergeDeep SD110 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-130 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - SubmergeDeep SD130 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-140 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - Download
  • SubmergeDeep SD-210 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - SubmergeDeep SD210 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-230 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - SubmergeDeep SD230 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-240 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - SubmergeDeep SD240 SDS

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