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Safety Data Sheets

  • SubmergeDeep SD-220 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - Download
  • SubmergeDeep SD-120 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - Download
  • SubmergeDeep SD-110 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - SubmergeDeep SD110 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-130 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - SubmergeDeep SD130 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-140 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - Download
  • SubmergeDeep SD-210 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - SubmergeDeep SD210 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-230 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - SubmergeDeep SD230 SDS
  • SubmergeDeep SD-240 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - SubmergeDeep SD240 SDS

Product Warranty


We want to change the way the world cools all electronic devices and help our planet at the same time! We believe that we can reduce the energy demands and increase the performance of any electrical device that generates waste heat (which is all of them!).

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