Full Immersion Cooling

with SLIC

Single-phase Liquid Immersion Coolants



Dielectric Coolants

Data Centers

Servers | GPUs | FPGAs

SLIC Cooling Applications

Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Data Mining, HPC, Geophysical Analytics, Real-Time Services, Augmented Reality, Graphics Rendering, Multi-access Edge Compute

Learn the critical differences between single-phase and 2-phase cooling systems that will save your equipment!

SLIC Reduces Floor Space


SLIC Reduce operations cost


SLIC Increase energy efficiency


Not yet familiar with SLIC for Electronics Cooling?

Single-phase Liquid Immersion Coolants

Safe     Trusted     Verified

Healthy Vegetation

Zero Global Warming Potential

Biodegradable, non-toxic, not flammable

Technology Maintenance
For People

Eliminates Health Hazards

Non-allergenic, no vapors or smell, no impact on skin


Verified & Warranted

Tested and proven compatibility with a wide range of materials

Application Specific Engineered Liquid Dielectrics

Air cooled systems cannot meet today's thermal requirements for high performance semiconductors, servers, and crypo-mining devices.  


Single-phase, full immersion cooling is the most efficient and effective solution for electronic systems.  Engineered Fluids is the premiere developer and manufacturer of application engineered dielectric cooling fluids specific to full immersion cooling solutions.


Our chief scientist, Dr. David Sundin, developed the first purpose-engineered dielectric coolants more than 30 years ago and remains one of the industry's leading innovators. Today, Engineered Fluids has the most effective, safe, and advanced dielectric coolants in the world.   

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