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Engineered Fluids also offers the following engineering and system design services to our customers:

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System Engineering & Tank / Container Design Review & Engineering

Many of our customers are not as familiar with the system requirements of SLIC solutions as they are with air-cooling and other forms of electronics cooling. Engineered Fluids is pleased to provide a wide range of engineering services, from full turnkey system design to on-call engineering support, to enable our customers to conceive, design, build, and operate the most efficient solution for their specific application. Engineered Fluids has experience in data center, crypto-mining, electric vehicle battery and power systems, marine battery and power systems, electric motor and power trains, laser, LED, ROV, undersea pressure compensation, hazardous environment protection, spark arrestment, and many other applications across a wide range of equipment types.

Hydraulic Engineering & Pump Sizing

Based on system thermal and equipment requirements, Engineered Fluids can provide full hydraulic engineering based on computer modeling of your SLIC system, including but not limited to: pipe, valve, fitting sizes, pump sizing and redundancy, elevations, and flow rates necessary to achieve optimal system performance. A key output of this engineering effort is a full Bill of Materials for the system which allows us to bid the system cost as well as engineering single line drawings which can be used by professional pipe-fitters and plumbers to build the system.

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3D Systems Modeling

Using the results of the Hydraulic Engineering & Pump Sizing with the Bill of Materials, Engineered Fluids can build out your system design as a full 3D model. This includes, if necessary, the building and/or support structures (such as racks, etc.) to allow our customers to fully visualize their immersion system prior to construction. This output is also an excellent way of showing management, engineers, investors, and finance partners a visual representation of your system.

Operations & Maintenance Process Documentation

Engineered Fluids can provide a full set of Methods and Procedures for operation and maintenance of your SLIC System.

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Dielectric Coolant Recycling Program

The Engineered Fluids Recycling Program is designed to provide Engineered Fluids customers with a low-cost / no-cost opportunity to recycle their used Dielectric Coolants instead of disposing of them in ways that may harm our environment.

– Learn More About Our Coolant Recycling Program

Container Based System Engineering Design & Build

Engineered Fluids provides fully engineered ISO container-based (20ft and 40ft) solutions for data centers, battery systems, and crypto-mining solutions. Engineered Fluids works directly with your requirements based on the equipment that will be cooled, the environment (geographic location, off-shore & Marine locations), expected ambient temperatures, and heat dump methodology (dry coolers, adiabatic coolers, fresh water, salt water, geologic, water towers, etc.) to engineer and build the most efficient deployment scenario for your electronic equipment.

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Systems Analysis & Troubleshooting Onsite

Given our extensive experience in designing, building, and operating SLIC Systems, Engineered Fluids is often asked to perform on-site system analysis and troubleshooting for customer and 3rd party designed systems. In addition to this, we are also able to provide pre-build reviews of proposed designs to help identify potential issues and resolve them prior to build.

Installation Supervision & Project Management

Engineered Fluids provide full Installation Supervision and Project Management for our customers during their design, installation, and commission phases of their EF engineered systems.

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