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VoltCool™ Additives

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  • VoltCool VA-950 SDS (ES) - Download
  • VoltCool VA-900 SDS (ES) - Download
  • VoltCool Additive VA-900 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - VoltCool Additive VA900 SDS
  • VoltCool Additive VA-950 SDS (ENGLISH GHS) - VoltCool Additive VA950 SDS


Will your VoltCool additives work with food grade mineral oil?

VoltCool Transformer Maintenance Additives are made specifically for enhancement of napthenic transformer oil made to IEC 60296 / ASTM D3487 specifications. Their performance in other types of base oils has not been tested, and may be affected by different chemical structure. We don’t recommend the use of pharmaceutical mineral oil, or “white oils” as dielectric coolants precisely because they have not been sufficiently processed for safe, long term use.


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We want to change the way the world cools all electronic devices and help our planet at the same time! We believe that we can reduce the energy demands and increase the performance of any electrical device that generates waste heat (which is all of them!).

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