Engineered Fluids

Education & Research Sponsorships

We actively invite Educators, Students, and Researchers to help us make the world a better place by exploring the many diverse applications of SLIC

Engineered Fluids’ Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Coolants represent a tremendous opportunty for changing the world for the better.  By enabling a simple, cost effective method of removing, managing, and re-using waste heat from electronics without wasting energy on active cooling, eliminating the use of water in evaporative cooling, and reducing the necessary footprint of cooling infrastructures we can protect our environment by substainally reducing the use of electrical power and stopping the development of data centers and similar facilities in environmentally sensitive locations looking to leverage cold air cooling.

When Gary Testa and I founded Engineered Fluids in June 2017, we realized that we could not build an entirely new paradigm for electronics cooling on our own.  We knew we had to enlist the best and brightest in the education and research community to help us with core research and development and testing of Single-phase Liquid Immersion Cooling applications.  Since Engineered Fluids’ inception I have made it a priority that we provide free product samples, technical support, and  sometimes finanical support to educators, students, and researchers that were exploring new and innovative ways to use our Dielectric Coolants.  After seeing the amazing results and success of our first few experiments, Gary and I have decided its time we officially launch a formal program to support these amazing opportunities.

So I’m very proud to annouce the creation of our sponsorship program!

Engineered Fluids’ Research and Educational Sample and Sponsorship Program

Under this program, Engineered Fluids provides free of charge and with full support four liters samples of our AmpCool, ElectroCool, and Dielectric Solvent DS-100 products for use by Educational, University, and Research Institutions’ use in sponsored research and educational projects that include development of innovative immersive cooling applications and solutions.  In addition, we will also consider providing financial support for innovative and unique projects we find especially compelling.

To apply for educational samples or sponsorship please email us the following information to:

A) Introduction

Please provide us with a brief 2-3 paragraph introduction to yourself, how you found about Engineered Fluids and our products, and what motivates you to undertake your project.

B) Institutional Support Letter

We request that you provide a letter of support from your educational or research sponsor (educator, researcher or professor) on their institutional letterhead indicating that your project is supported by them and their institution.

C) Project Information 

In 1 or 2 pages, please provide the following information:

  1. A description of your project or research.

  2. Explain how our product samples or sponsorship will be used or tested in your project.

  3. What is the expected time frame for your project completion?

  4. What publication or outcome are you targeting as a result of your project?
    We understand that some projects are specifically targeting publication of their research and results, while others are only educational in nature. We support both outcomes.

  5. What product(s) or amount are you requesting.​

D) Program Terms and Conditions

As a condition of our sponsorship we require that:

  1. Engineered Fluids be listed as a sponsor and our products mentioned by name in your project documentation or publication.

  2. We request that you provide us with a confidential copy of your results and paper prior to its submittal for formal publication or general release. Our purpose is not to influence your results, but rather to be aware of them (should we get questions from your readers) and also to validate that Engineered Fluids and our products are properly listed and the products used as intended in your applications.​

E) Approval

Once our research team reviews your application (typically less than a week, if you have provided the requested information and they have no questions), we’ll be able to ship out your requested samples for just the cost of the shipping and handling.

If you require more volume than the four liter samples we provide under the program, we can also offer your institution our Lab Sample Discount to purchase additional product volumes at a substantial discount to retail pricing.

In Closing

We look forward to receiving your applications!
Sincerely Yours,

Dr. David Sundin
Chief Scientist & Founder
Engineered Fluids / ChemFoundry, Inc.