Single-phase, Dielectric Coolants

for Full Liquid Immersion Cooling of Electronics and Semiconductors

Electric Vehicle
Dielectric Coolants for single-phase, liquid immersion cooling of batteries, electric motors, and energy storage.
Lithium-Ion & other Chemistry Batteries
Cooling & Lubrication of Electric Motors,
Kinetic Energy Recovery (KER) Systems 
General Electronics Cooling in Mobile/Vehicular/Stationary Applications
AmpCool AC-100
General duty stationary and vehicular battery, chargers, electric motor controllers, and associated systems cooling
AmpCool AC-150
Extreme duty stationary and vehicular battery, chargers,  electric motor controllers, and associated systems cooling
AmpCool AC-200
Extreme Automotive KERS systems, hydraulics, powertrain, permanently sealed systems with lubrication.
AmpCool AC-250
Extreme duty electric motor cooling with lubrication.
Immersion Cooled AntMiner
Dielectric Coolants specifically designed for ASIC-base cryptocurrency mining using Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling tanks.
Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling for ASIC based mining devices.
BitCool BC-888
Synthetic fire-resistant non-corrosive dielectric fluid for bit mining applications
Immersion Cooled Server in Open Tank
Dielectric Coolants for single-phase, liquid immersion cooling of electrical and semiconductor applications

CPU/GPU/FPGA | Data Storage Optical Diodes Lasers | Power Vacuum Tubes | RF Amplifiers   Ceramics Poling  Pressure Compensation | Transmitters

Hydrostatic Energy Transfer

ElectroCool EC-100
General cooling of servers, CPU/ASIC/GPU. semiconductor and electronics
ElectroCool EC-110
Pressure compensation, lubrication and power transfer in aquatic and environmentally sensitive applications
ElectroCool EC-120
Extreme conditions electronics cooling, high-temp, aeronautics & space applications
ElectroCool EC-130
Enterprise-grade server, CPU/ASIC/GPU, semiconductor and electronics cooling and sealed systems
ElectroCool EC-140
High temperature semiconductor & electronics cooling and insulation
High Voltage Transfomer
Dielectric Coolants for high-voltage power, distribution transformers and switching applications.
Power & Distribution Transformers
Switch Gear | Transformer-Rectifier Sets Voltage Regulators | Fuses
Tap-Changers | Load-Break Switches
VoltCool VC-300
Dielectric fluid for power and distribution transformers, switchgear
VoltCool VC-310
Fire-resistant K-Class dielectric fluid for new or retro-filled power and distribution transformers
VoltCool VC-320
Synthetic fire-resistant K-Class dielectric fluid for high temp applications
Transformer Additive VC-900
Concentrated anti-oxidation inhibitor for field applications
Transformer Additive VC-950
Corrosive sulfur treatment for transformer oils