Product and Technical Support

Product Questions
Below you'll find a link to our most frequently asked questions (FAQ Page),  This is an excellent place to start if you have general or product questions including:: material compatibility, recycling, disposal, characteristics, etc. 
Shipping & Customs Information
Please click the blue link to find all of our products shipping weights and dimensions, as well as HTS Codes for customs and tariffs.
Health & Safety Information
If you have a question regarding the health and safety of our products, we recommend that you download and review the Safety Data Sheets (SDS, these were formerly known as MSDS) for the product you are using.  The SDS is in the OSHA standardized format and provides all necessary safety, handling, and clean up information. 
All of our Safety Data Sheets are available for download by clicking the green link below..
Sales and Pricing
If you require a product quotation please click the blue link below that corresponds to the product you wish to be quoted.  Please complete all the information required: including your address and contact information so that we can process your quote quickly.  If you have special requirements or a PO you can also attach documents to your request.
For general sales questions please click the "Send Email to Sales" link below.
Technical Support
If you have a technical question regarding the use or design of a cooling system, please email support and we would be happy to respond to your specific questions.  Its important to provide us with information regarding the coolant, application, and type of devices you are working with so that we can provide you with the most accurate and helpful information. 
Material Compatibility Guide (MCG)
We are constantly testing new materials for compatibility with our Coolants.  Our MCGs are not updated on a scheduled basis, but rather as we get new information to ensure that our customers have the latest information available to us. 
We also appreciate and welcome any test results, feedback, experience, photos, and videos you may have regarding your own experience in using different materials and products with our Coolants.  You are welcome to send us any data you have to  This information assists us in the prioritization of our internal testing.   
If you have found a material that is not listed in our MGCs, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will provide you with our best feedback of its compatibility based on a chemical profile analysis and we can assist in accelerated compatibility testing as well.
BitCool Miner Compatibility Guide (BMCG)
BitCool and ElectroCool Dielectric Coolants have been tested for use with al growing number of crypto mining devices.  If you do not see a particular miner on this list, please contact Support and we will be happy to prioritize your device for compatibility testing.  We prioritize device compatibility testing based on the number of outstanding customer requests for a particular device.
Please note that crypto device manufactures often change components within their devices without notification, Engineered Fluids does our best to continue to test previously tested devices on an ongoing basis both in house and with our customers, however we cannot be responsible for incompatibilities that may occur after completion of our testing.  This guide is published to assist users in determining which devices have been tested and found compatible at the time of the testing, but we always recommend our customers monitor their devices on an ongoing basis.
Engineered Fluids – Standard Operational Characteristics Warranty for Dielectric Coolants


Engineered Fluids (“EF”) warrants that its Dielectric Coolants ("Products") upon receipt by the end-user in new, sealed, unopened containers bearing the original Engineered Fluids product labeling including date of manufacture and lot number shall meet the operational characteristics for said Product as published on the Engineered Fluids website ( ("Operational Characteristics").


  1. Customers may within five (5) days of receipt of the Product contact Engineered Fluids at and notify Engineered Fluids of a suspected defect in the Product.

  2. End-user will then provide a 500cc sample of the Product Engineered Fluids product to EF for analysis and testing. EF will conduct testing to determine if the Products meet the Operational Characteristics and provide back to Customer a written report including the test results to Customer.

    1. Contact Engineered Fluids at  + or and provide the following Information:

      1. Customer Name

      2. Support Contact Name, email and phone number

      3. Location Name and physical address

      4. Take a 1x 500cc sample of the Product from the container to be tested.

      5. The sample must be taken and sent air freight to Engineered Fluids in a clean, uncontaminated, sealable glass container.  Engineered Fluids can sell and provide such containers to end-user upon request.

  3. Remedy - If determined by Engineered Fluids that the sampled Product does not meets its published Operation Characteristics, Engineered Fluids entire liability to the Customer shall be at EF’s sole discretion to:

    1. to rebate to customer the full purchase price for the quantity of EF coolant purchased, including any shipping costs, and to arrange either the return the Product to Engineered Fluids or for its safe disposal; or

    2. replace the defective Product with new conforming Product.