Engineered Fluids'

Dielectric Coolants and Solvents

Shipping and Handling Information

Shipping and Handling
We ship our products in 4 containers sizes: 4l plastic jugs, 20l plastic round buckets, 20l plastic tight heads, 200l steel drums on pallets, and 1,000l IBC totes.  The shipping weights and dimensions for each container type are provided in metric and US standard measures in the table below.  Please note that we palletize all drum orders for ease in handling.  Please make sure you have a forklift, loading dock, or appropriate lifts and dollies available to receive drums and IBC totes as these can be very difficult to move by hand.
Unless otherwise stated on your quotation all orders are subject to INCO Terms 2019:  EX-WORKS, Tyler TX,.
We can provide shipping quotations to most customs warehouses and ports around the globe.
If you have individual shipments over 5,000l in size we can contract for tank trucks for North American destinations, or ISO tanks for international deliveries.  Please contact us at for specific questions.
Shipping Address
Pickup & Delivery Address:                                                  
ChemFoundry, Inc.                     
4548 Cantina Drive
Tyler, TX 75708 USA
We include the applicable Safety Data Sheets in the shipping documentation for every shipment.
Shipping Contact for Carriers
Shipping Contact
Shipping Department
Tariffic and Customs Information
All Engineered Fluids products are manufactured at our facility in Tyler, TX USA. using USA sourced raw materials.
None of our products are export controlled by the United States, nor are they subject to any hazardous materials shipping requirements. 
The Harmonized Tariff Code System (HTS) used for import and export of our products can be different for each country or free trade agreement so please cross reference your HTS code locally to determine any import duties if applicable..
The recommended Harmonized Tariff Code System Numbers (HTS) for our products based on country are as follows:
             USA HTS: 2710.19.45.45    - AmpCool / BitCool / ElectroCool / VoltCool
                               3814..00.00.00Dielectric Solvent DS-100
     EU / UK  HTS: 2710.19.29.00 - AmpCool / BitCool / ElectroCool / VoltCool
                               3814.00.00.00 -  Dielectric Solvent DS-100 
For Schedule B# use the first 6 digits of the HTS #.
Ground Shipping, Freight, Ocean Transport and Cost Estimates
Our preferred carrier is UPS for North American customers.  If you wish us to use another carrier like FedEx, you can provide us with your shipping account number and we can organize your shipment for direct billing.
We ship 20L containers and smaller via UPS Ground, pallets, drums, and Totes we ship via best carrier Ground Freight.
For international customers we can organize Ocean shipping to any customs port around globe.
The size and weight information can be found in the table below, and our ship from address is shown above.  Once you place your order we will be happy to assist you in finding the least expensive carriage.
Our products are considered not flammable and not-hazardous in accordance with U.S. DOT’s hazmat regulations and IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
Engineered Fluids - Standard Containers - Shipping Weights and Dimensions