Engineered Fluids' SLICTanks


The High Performance Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling System

for Crypto-currency Mining & Blockchain Devices

Engineered Fluids' SLICTanks represent the most advanced designed single-phase, liquid immersion cooling tanks available today.  The SLICTank Generation 4 design is the culmination of over 3 years and $500K in computational flow analysis to develop the optimal shape, flow, and design for increasing hash rate performance through the best fluid flow management and heat transfer performance!
We take device compatibility and support extremely seriously to ensure your miners will operate at their peak performance in our Single-phase Liquid Immersion Cooling systems.  Our extensive ongoing testing of each new ASIC miner is focused on ensuring compatibility with our BitCool Dielectric Coolant and to determine the best orientation of each device in our SLICTank.  You can access the complete list of tested and certified ASIC miners at our Bitminer Compatibility Guide page which is updated regularly with results of our ongoing testing.  Need to know how many ASIC devices fit in a SLICTank, download our Miner Fit Guide which provides detailed information for many popular miners based on SLICTank model.
Maximize your Hashing Performance!
The most important advantage provided by SLIC for crypto/blockchain is the ability to safety overclock your miners to increase hashing performance without exceeding the devices ASIC, GPU, or FPGA manufacturer's skin temperature (typically 100C). This allows you to safely hash faster while protecting your valuable equipment and reducing maintenance.  The Engineered Fluids' SLICTank has been optimized to provide the highest flow rate and highest heat dissipation available using Engineerd Fluids' BitCool or ElectroCool Dielectric Coolants.  Our proprietary, adjustable flow control management system ensures even and full flow to every device in a SLICTank providing maximum performance even when supporting various devices in a single tank.
Engineered Fluids' SLICTank 2640 - 6 Tank Stack @ 1.2MW 
Engineered Fluids - 6x SLICTank
Proprietary Non-Conductive, Low Thermal-Density Epoxy Construction
Engineered Fluids' SLICTanks are constructed entirely from our proprietary non-conductive, low thermal-density epoxy resin which we have formulated to be specifically compatible with our BitCool and ElectroCool coolants.  This material and construction technique provides tremendous advantages over common steel and aluminum tank designs.
  • Our  non-conductive epoxy material provide additional safety over steel or aluminum.  Should a device come into contact with a conductive tank, the entire tank infrastructure including any metallic piping can become a high-voltage shock hazard which can be very difficult to trace.  Our non-conductive materials and piping provide outstanding user safety by fully insulating any electrical shorts away from your technicians and isolating them to the device.
  • Our low thermal-density epoxy material provides outstanding thermal containment, keeping the waste heat in the tank enabling up to 98% effective thermal capture by the coolant.  Compared to steel and aluminum tanks which act as heat radiators, thus requiring extensive A/C cooling due to radiated heat.
  • Lightweight - Compare our 3m/9ft SLIC Tank weighing in at less than 110kg​ / 244lbs to a similar volume steel tank at 816kg / 1800lbs.
  • SLICTanks' unique design enable up to 80 3m tanks to be packed into a single 40ft shipping container.
  • Lightweight design enables stacking of up to 6 tanks high using standard commercial cantilever pallet racks, which allow for front loading of fully configured tanks into the rack using a forklift or side loader.
  • Three standard tank sizes are available: 8/24/48 S9 sized miners and custom tanks lengths up to  5800mm / 19ft are available for optimized support of specific devices.
  • Integrated flange support on both end caps allows the customer to choose from various pipe sizes and thread types depending on their regional standard including: NPT / DN / BSPP / BSPT ranging in size from 25mm-50mm / 1in - 2in.  Flange hole cutting in end cap can be done in the field using off-the-shelf hole cutters, allowing for design and piping flexibility.
  • Fluid insertion and removal can be accomplished from either side or both sides of tank depending on length and fluid routing requirements.  A tank overflow safety port is integrated into both end caps to prevent tank overflow.
  • Manufacturing scalability - Engineered Fluids can produce over 1,000 9m tanks per month with our current manufacturing infrastructure and we can scale to over 5,000 tanks within in 3 months.
AntMiner S9 overclocked by over 40% in SLICTank
S9 Miners in Engineered Fluids' SLICTank
Download Technical Datasheet for SLICTanks
Download Technical Datasheet for EF's Dielectric Optimized Dry Coolers
Download The SLICTank miner fit guide to see how many miners fit in each tank size.
SLICTankG4 - Web Spec Grid (STG4-ENG-TDS