VoltCool  Additives

Highly Concentrated Antioxidant and Corrosive Sulfur Stop Transformer Treatments 


Engineered Fluids' VoltCool Additives are highly concentrated packages of antioxidants and anti-sulfur formulations intended for field deployment and maintenance of mineral and organic ester filled transformers. 


Unlike competing products, VoltCool Additives are highly concentrated, designed for use at 1/100 concentration levels. This dramatic decrease in package volume translates directly to substantial reductions in shipping, handling, and storage costs.  In addition, this generally eliminates the need to off-load and dispose of existing oil in the transformer to make room for the addition of the additive during maintenance.. 

Engineered Fluids VC-900 is a powerful antioxidant package in liquid form which can be directly added to a transformer during regular field maintenance.  Used regularly, VC-900 will prevent acid buildup due to overheating and contamination, thus reducing sludge buildup which leads to failure.

Engineered Fluids' VC-950 additive is specially formulated to halt sulfur corrosive issues typically found in mineral oils.  VC-950 unique action works to convert corrosive forms of sulfur in suspension to non-corrosive forms. VC-950 also replenishes antioxidant levels and prevents further damage caused by sulfur-metal salts and sludge.

Technical Specifications for VoltCool Additives
Materials Safety Data Sheets for all products

Key Characteristics of VoltCool Additives

Engineered Fluids – Standard Operational Characteristics Warranty for Additives


Engineered Fluids (“EF”) warrants that its VoltCool Additives ("Products"), upon receipt by the end-user in new, sealed, unopened containers bearing the original Engineered Fluids product labeling including date of manufacture and lot number, shall meet the operational characteristics for said Product as published on the Engineered Fluids website (www.engineeredfluids.com) ("Operational Characteristics").


  1. Customers may, within five (5) days of receipt of the Product, contact Engineered Fluids at support@engineerefluids.com and notify Engineered Fluids of a suspected defect in the Product.

  2. End-user will then provide a 500cc sample of the Product Engineered Fluids product to EF for analysis and testing. EF will conduct testing to determine if the Products meet the Operational Characteristics and provide back to Customer a written report including the test results to Customer.

    1. Contact Engineered Fluids at  + or support@engineeredfluids.com and provide the following Information:

      1. Customer Name

      2. Support Contact Name, email and phone number

      3. Location Name and physical address

      4. Take a 1x 500cc sample of the Product from the container to be tested.

      5. The sample must be taken and sent air freight to Engineered Fluids in a clean, uncontaminated, sealable glass container.  Engineered Fluids can sell and provide such containers to end-user upon request.

  3. Remedy - If determined by Engineered Fluids that the sampled Product does not meets its published Operation Characteristics, Engineered Fluids entire liability to the Customer shall be at EF’s sole discretion to:

    1. rebate to customer the full purchase price for the quantity of Product, including any shipping costs, and to arrange either the return the Product to Engineered Fluids or for its safe disposal; or

    2. replace the defective Product with new conforming Product.