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Our Locations

Headquarters and R&D Center
2801 Anvil Street North
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33710 USA
+1.877.358.4377 / +1.725.218.1955

Dielectric Production Facility
4548 Cantina Drive
Tyler, Texas 75708 USA

Please note that due to security and safety concerns we do not host customer visits at our Production facility in Tyler Texas.  If you would like to visit with us, we welcome you to our Headquarters in beautiful Saint Petersburg, Florida USA.
How to Contact our Teams

Main Switch Board
tel:       +1.877.358.4377
tel:       +1.725.218.1955
fax:      +1.725.218.1959
hours: 8am-5pm Central Time (-6 GMT)

Sales and Order Status
tel:      +1.725.218.1956
hours: 9am
-5pm Eastern Time (-5 GMT)

Technical Support: 
tel:      +1.725.218.1957
hours: 8am
-7pm Eastern Time (-5 GMT)

tel:      +1.725.218.1958
hours: 9am
-4pm Eastern Time (-5 GMT)                                    Monday-Friday


tel        +1.725.218.1984
hours: 9am-3pm Central Time (-6 GMT)                                    Monday-Friday
How to Request a Quote
If you require a product quotation please click the blue link below that corresponds to the product you wish to be quoted.  Please complete all the information required: including your address and contact information so that we can process your quote quickly.  If you have special requirements or a PO you can also attach documents to your request.
Health & Safety Information
If you have a question regarding the health and safety of our products, we recommend that you download and review the Safety Data Sheets (SDS, these were formerly known as MSDS) for the product you are using.  The SDS is in the OSHA standardized format and provides all necessary safety, handling, and clean up information. 
All of our Safety Data Sheets are available for download by clicking the green link below..
Material Compatibility Guide
Click the link for a complete materials' guide for SLIC
Technical Support
If you have a technical question regarding the use or design of a cooling system, please email support and we would be happy to respond to your specific questions.  Its important to provide us with information regarding the coolant, application, and type of devices you are working with so that we can provide you with the most accurate and helpful information.